6 Tips How To Make The DC Movies Better.

With the Avengers: Infinity War dominating the box office, we decided to take a look at the DC Expanded Universe and the movies they have put out so far. Marvel under the direction of Disney needs zero help but DC on the other hand needs as much help as they can get. Who better to critique their movie universe than two longtime comic dorks who only want to watch good movies.

I hope you enjoy!!

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  1. I love the episode!….but I disagree with Chris on one point….I Believe Kevin Costner was a great choice for Superman’s dad!!! He touched my heart and i think he added to my love of that particular film! I have always loved Superman!!! I’ve loved his simple straightforward strength! Love Kevin too, he is believable, warm and fatherly. He WAS a perfect choice to be his earthly dad and I just had to disagree this one time 🙂 keep up the great work guys!!!

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