First Impressions Of Solo: A Star Wars Story

I sat down over the weekend and discussed some of my favorite things about Solo: A Star Wars Story with…..well, myself. I was solo for lack of a better term (and a cheap joke). After the weekend the movie is getting beat-up by every new source and click-bait laden website on the planet, but is it all being looked at in a fair light?

I don’t know and that is a discussion for another day. Today I focus on a movie I enjoyed and one that I’m proud to add to the hallowed halls of Star Wars-dom. But I will say I hope word of mouth about how fun this movie is spreads and people soften on their hate for Solo…and Disney’s Star Wars as a whole.

This is a very low-fi, no frills video. It is very much like the LIVE episodes of the past that are more podcast like…meaning no video clips or flashy pictures. Oh, and I had an audio problem I noticed during editing, sorry. It doesn’t last long though.

Please enjoy.

P.S. –

The reason for no flashy pictures of video clips this week? I’m working tirelessly on my YouTube channels Summer Celebration.

Here check out the trailer….

11 thoughts on “First Impressions Of Solo: A Star Wars Story

  1. I totally agree. I thought it was a great film. I loved the way they handled Han, Chewie and Lando. L3 rocked my world, I thought she was brilliant. What most surprised me was the moral struggle in the film, especially in the second half. I thought it would be a simple action adventure type romp with funny moments but the depth as the film progressed was wonderful. It kind of mirror’s Solo’s character in a way.

    Great review – well done!

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    1. Thank you. I forgot to say so much more but that goes with your comment about the depths the movie goes. It’s hard to discuss it all I one sitting. It makes me sad the trolls and toxic fans have put this movie in a bad place (even though it’s a good place for any other movie…ugh) and I hope it doesn’t turn them off to make more movies in this vein.

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      1. I think the same. I don’t understand why there is so much negativity around some SW films. I came out of the cinema after both TLJ and the Solo movie with this huge happy grin on my face and was stunned to find how negative people were about both films. I often just keep quiet about liking them for fear that I’ll get trolled for my views. I don’t really understand it. I thought these films were great. I couldn’t have had a bigger smile if someone had pushed a coat hanger in my mouth. Anyway, thanks again for a great review!

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    1. It is their loss. But it makes me sad to see stalwart defenders crumble at the sign of a lower box office. People who championed together after the Last Jedi rift started spreading across the fandom and now jumping sides over what the movie has made financially. On Friday they loved the movie but by Monday morning they hate the movie. Last i checked money doesn’t equal a good movie.

      Sorry, lol. Just ranting because Its on my mind. I would hope there would be more Star Wars movies in this vein…just fun action adventure films that don’t need to carry the answers to the universe on their shoulders.

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  2. I went in with no expectations, avoided all spoilers and trailers, and refrained from commenting on all the hate people had for it before it ever came out. Was it awesome? No. But it was good and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially all the Easter Eggs and references. Won’t be going back to the theater, but I’ll buy it when it comes out and watch it some more. I’d give it a 7.5 (maybe 8) out of 10. I’d be up for another one to see how he the beginning between Han and Jabba.

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