LIVE – (insert clickbait Star Wars title here)

Star Wars fandom is becoming a toxic cesspool that is eating itself alive. There are a few islands of serenity perched upon the vile waters, but mostly it’s the putrid undulating ocean of filth that gets all the attention, not the small tranquil plots of positivity.

Love ’em or hate ’em they are just movies. I think a lot of the problems stem from the sheer amount of new Star Wars websites and blogs that sprung up when the news was announced that Disney was starting to make more movies. After that there are a hundred different reasons for these sites to become toxic sludge factories but if it all is over not liking a movie that’s pretty damn sad.

Another sad fact is that once you start the toxicity and you get a positive response to your negativity, it’s hard to turn back. You keep being more and more negative and to get even more of a response you have to one-up yourself and lay it down thicker and thicker. Damn, its starting to sound like the Darkside a little bit.

Anyway, Chris and I take another look at the negativity plaguing the universe of Star Wars fandom. We even go as far to compare how fans of another popular science fiction franchise seem to handle change better. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and again I screwed up the auto….ugh.


10 thoughts on “LIVE – (insert clickbait Star Wars title here)

  1. AMEN! I mean…AMEN. What a refreshing episode. As someone who (as you know) has chosen not to see ‘Solo’ (at least yet) for my own personal reasons, I couldn’t agree more with everything you two have said here. I think this should be required viewing :). I wonder too if the “poor” box office returns for ‘Solo’ will end up being a good thing. You know? Look at the MCU. Not every movie makes ‘Avengers’ money. But, regardless of corporate hopes, no one expects them all to do so. ‘Ant-Man’ didn’t break the box office but that fact didn’t bring the vitriol ‘Solo’ has gotten. Maybe a “smaller” haul will allow Star Wars more room to breathe from here on out.

    Also, when you were rightly discussing how people being upset with things about Star Wars goes back to 1980 it made me wonder, as I often do, how much the internet is responsible for the vile nature of some of the “discussion” around Star Wars today. I think (and this isn’t a blanket hate-the-internet stance or anything; I love blogging and the people I’ve met online and all of that but I still think) the internet has given people a false sense of the importance of their own point of view. Since we can put our thoughts out there – on Facebook, Twitter, a blog, whatever – we’ve started to think what we believe is universal and/or more important than it really is. So, in the past, you might like something or you might not like it…but it stopped there. It was *your* opinion, and we understood that. Now that everyone has a pseudo-platform we fight and argue and hate believing our subjective opinion is objective truth and it’s exhausting.

    I really appreciated this discussion! Also, it made me think I need to check out some Star Trek (which I’ve never really seen) and it’s also made me want to go back and re-watch ‘Doctor Who’ which I’ve just fallen in love with and still have yet to meet the “angry/judgmental” side of the fandom. This is what it’s all about. Thanks for another great episode!

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    1. Wow, had to read this in two sittings homie (I joke).

      First, thank you. I’m glad you liked the episode and found it insightful. That really makes my day.

      Second, from here on out we are in undiscovered country (not a Star Trek pun, I swear) with Star Wars. People shouldn’t hold ever movie up to the originals. It is a living, breathing cinematic universe now and just like all living things it has it’s good and bad qualities. People need to find what their baseline is and go from there. For me it’s new planets, aliens, and monsters, so as long as those boxes get checked I’m happy. Just this week news broke from George Lucas about what his plans were for the new episodes and he admits that those movies would have made the fans mad (probably more than they are now) so even he isn’t perfect. Honestly from a cinema snob perspective the original trilogy has a lot of issues but our hearts override our brains when viewing them. I think everyone would be happier if they still let their hearts do the watching for them in the future because no matter what we’re still watching movies that are set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

      Oh and yes the internet is most of the reason we don’t watch with our hearts anymore.


  2. I started this episode last week & finished it today…so today I was able to catch your awesome and true statement (slightly rephrased by me) “Star Trek fans take things in stride better than Star Wars fans”. True ‘dat. #StarTrek4evah

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