In this episode of LIVE we travel to Eternia to look at some of the BEST Heroic Warriors in the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE toy line.

This episode was loads of fun, so check it out below.

Hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “10 Best MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Hero Figures

  1. Happy 4th of July, guys!!
    Interesting discussion – 1st thing that sprang to my mind: Skeletor had the coolest cohorts; I picked 5 Masters figures off the top of my head – none of them were He-Man’s buddies, so am looking forward to seeing which evil foes you select!
    I liked the way that each individual figure came with his own pocket comicbook; I agree with you about Man-E-Faces – great figure, but he had the best comicbook (art by Mark Texeira)
    Best hero figures for me? Either Mekanek or (pls don’t take this the wrong way 😉 ) Buzz Off!
    Bless u

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