There are plenty of movies from my childhood that have had a lasting impression on me but one stands above the rest, Gremlins. In this episode of sentiMENTAL I look back at this classic film and talk about how it effected me as a youth. I also take a look at the awesome clothes, toys, and records that I was lucky enough to have (and some that I wish I still had).

Sorry this is late. As I have said in previous years, this is my busy time at work so I don’t have the same free time I do at other points in the year to post here on the blog….anyways, I hope you enjoy.


4 thoughts on “sentiMENTAL About GREMLINS

      1. No, more like whenever anyone mentions a holiday – the lights go down, the music kicks in, and she’s like “on president’s day the worse thing happen…”

        To be honest I think Gremlins 2 is horrible…lol

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