Which Is Better, DC or Marvel Comics – VIEWER REQUEST

Months ago a viewer left a comment asking us to weigh-in on the question of the ages. Which is better, DC or Marvel Comics. We discuss our histories with both and give an answer.Now the thoughts and comments are ours, only YOU can really decide which comic company is better for YOU.

2 thoughts on “Which Is Better, DC or Marvel Comics – VIEWER REQUEST

  1. Reading suggestions- DC: Kingdom Come written by Mark Waid & Alex Ross, Marvel: Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman & Andy Kubert, Dark Horse: Briggs Land by Brian Wood & Mack Chater, Image: Revival by Tim Seeley & Mike Norton. Locke & Key would have been a top selection, but you mentioned it at the end.

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  2. I agree too – Marvel offers more relatable characters, and more character-driven stories than DC.
    During my initial interest (1979-82) UK distribution was so pitiful that I just picked up whatever was available, so lots of odd ishs of a wide variety of both DC and Marvel; from 1989, it was all about getting to know Batman (which as Chris pointed out, is difficult as he is so unrelatable (quite liked Grell’s Green Arrow – 1 of DC’s better titles! 😉 )
    Lately, catching up with Marvel from the ’70s has been my main aim.
    Apart from Jim Starlin’s Adam Warlock, of course, my recommended reads would have to be Len Wein’s run on The Mighty Thor (242-271 – 1975-78) – writing about some of them right now in fact! 🙂
    Great shout-out to Captain Britain! Nice one 😉

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