5 Best ColecoVision Games of 1984

1984 was the last year that the ColecoVision was on the market and it was the best year in terms of innovative games that set the system apart from all of the others on store shelves.

When I think back to the time I spent with my first home video game console, these are the games I long to play again.


  1. My cousins had an Atari but I had no personal experience with the Colecovision, sadly. However, watching this I can say I want to play Keystone Kapers like NOW. I don’t know what it was about it but the whole running-through-the-mall-to-catch-the-bad-guy thing looks super fun.

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      • Tarzan looked exciting too but I can almost guarantee it would be the type of game I couldn’t get far on and then it would drive me crazy :). There was so much going on in those levels! My TMNT game for NES was like that. I loved that game but could NEVER get past the level where you had to diffuse the bombs underwater and that made me so frustrated. It was particularly bad because I knew you got to drive the Turtle Van in the next level!!! And, save one time when a friend came over who could do it, I never saw the Turtle Van stage. I could so see jumping from vine to vine being like those underwater bombs for me!

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      • This simultaneously makes me feel better and worse about it. Man, I can close my eyes and still see the one time my friend got to the Turtle Van. It blew my mind! But then it was gone, as quickly as it came…

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