Now Would Be A Great Time For DC To Try Something Different

With the (possible) news that Henry Cavill has walked away from the role of Superman, people feel the DC Cinematic Universe is in shambles. Sadly, they could be right.

With two of their biggest franchise’s actors (possibly) walking away, the idea of DC going back to the drawing board doesn’t seem like the craziest of ideas. Rumors of Ben Affleck leaving the role of Batman behind have been surfacing ever since Justice League finished filming, but the bigger news of Cavill exiting the role of Superman seem to be more dooming to the fledgling DC Extended Universe.

I honestly think now would be a great time for DC to try something else, something different than the formula created by the much more successful Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The one thing DC has always excelled at in recent years is their animated offerings of their comic books. Either it be the TV shows Justice League Unlimited or the fan favorite Young Justice -or- the slew of direct to disc titles that seem to arrive every six months or so, DC has great animation.

What if they took the animation to the big screen? I don’t mean to just make their popular animated films theater ready, no, I mean go big. Like really big. And honestly, the DC movies have been more CG than live action so far….not a huge stretch.

The one thing I was always excited for outta the Disney / Marvel mega-power was animated films. Sadly they have only delivered one so far and as excellent as it was, I wanted more.

Now if DC could deliver Pixar level animated films within the DC Universe that could appeal to children and adults alike, they might be able to have a product that is different than the movies being offered by the MCU and take a share of the box office that other animated films have been earning recently. Also it would be a little smudge on Disney’s ego if Warner Bros. could launch a successful animated comic book universe.


Anyway, just a super quick thought……

5 thoughts on “Now Would Be A Great Time For DC To Try Something Different

  1. The cracks really began to show in the DC cinematic universe after the poor performance of Justice League, so I think now would be a good time for a reboot of sorts. I agree, the DC animated films have, by contrast, been much better than the live action movies, so in terms of plotting and characterization they could learn a lot from how they’ve done things better and implement them in the new movies.

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  2. Hmm…I can honestly say I’d never thought of this. But I think it makes sense! DC owns the animated movie/series front. And I enjoy going to see them when they put them in the theatre for a special event. However, I always end up resenting them a little bit because they are so short because they aren’t made to be theatrical releases. The idea of them putting their time and energy into building a Pixar-esque animated cinematic universe is exciting! I would love this! They wouldn’t even have to totally shelf the live action stuff, if they didn’t want to. They could do both.

    As to the live action, I wonder if they could ever just sort of “forget” ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Justice League,’ and go forward slower with Wonder Woman and (hopefully) Aquaman and build out from there. I was admittedly skeptical about Aquaman but the trailers have me excited!

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      1. I read a piece in ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ where they compared it to the classic Indiana Jones films – a quest adventure with romance woven into it. How cool would that be?!? If it’s anything like Indiana Jones then I think D.C. will have another hit on their hands.

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