Vlog #3 – A Day Off, Thanks, Walmart Toy Hunting

Had a day off work today so I could do some school activities with my kids. I drove around town and talk with you wonderful people. I also stop by Walmart’s toy aisles to see if there’s anything new.

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Golden Axe (Genesis, 1989)

In this episode i play the 1989 arcade classic Golden Axe. It was so fun to replay this classic game from my youth and to discuss how this this game was a dream come true for a D&D kid such as myself.

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Battle Beasts & The Mega Construx’s Wind Raider – It Came From…#48

It this episode I play with a few more of my Battle Beasts and I attempt to do a “build video” with the awesome Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Wind Raider.

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80s Horror Movie Memories

In this episode of sentiMENTAL, I reminisce about some of my earliest horror movie memories from the 1980s. of course after the camera was shut-off, I remembered more. Guess I’ll save them for next time.

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