Blog Update – January 2020

Full Disclosure, this is the third time I have tried to write “this”, and by “this” I mean anything.

For some odd reason every time i go to write “this”, I start telling the story of My Side of the Laundry Room. Things like, that it’s almost four years old, the YouTube channel is almost three years old, and that i haven’t written a sole M.S.O.T.L.R. blog post in almost two years.


Maybe I’m just subconsciously defending myself and making excuses for the long lapse in writing. Who knows? Either way, the time I’ve been toiling over “this” has helped me to think of some very clear ideas that i wouldn’t have had otherwise. So that’s a bonus!

Anyways, let me summarize some of these thoughts and ideas…if you don’t mind. This is more for me, so please humor me…please.


Damnit, I did it again. I just deleted a few paragraphs of backstory. Why am I doing that?


I love making YouTube videos. It’s fun and it allows me to be creative in ways that writing never did. But, I also love writing and I kinda forgot that. But there are a couple problems I found when juggling a full-time YouTube channel and a written blog, other than not having time (because that’s one thing I don’t have a lot of).


Here are a few of the things that have crossed my mind.

Since I really don’t write a script for my videos, I don’t have the option to post the script as a blog post. I see other people doing this and it’s awesome, but it just doesn’t fit my way of doing things. For my videos I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. The focus of my channel is nostalgia (like the blog) and I just talk about memories and stuff i remember from the 80s when i was growing up. There are enough “experts” online to give history lessons about the things i want to talk about, but there is only one me and the memories I have. The beautiful thing is that a lot of other people have those same memories and it helps them to remember too.

Also, I don’t want to rob myself of content on one platform over the other. That could end up being boring for the reader/viewer and myself. Now, that’s not saying I haven’t borrowed from myself from time to time since I have some good content here on the blog. Either way, if I return to blogging I want to have content that will benefit both the channel and the blog, and I think I may thought of something.

The borrowed idea of  “Toys I Wish I Had As A Kid”

I apologize for overthinking this and for boring you with a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but hey…that’s me, and that’s what blogs are for…sheesh!

The one thing i have learned from YouTube is that the YouTube overlords hate it when you use other peoples music in your videos. Well, not just music, videos are also off limits too. Now I’m not saying its right for people to use these things because there are plenty of dastardly people out there that just want to steal peoples music and videos for their own gain, and that is very bad. What I’m saying is that sometimes you want to punctuate your story or top 5 list with some video evidence to help round out your vision, and that should be okay. There are free use laws that allow that kinda thing (if done properly) but the mighty machines YouTube uses to crack down on pirates can’t (and won’t) discern who is a good guy (me, duh) or a bad guy.

I get it, I really do but it kinda hampers my creativity flow at times. The times I have been hit with a copyright claim it’s usually a “Hey, you can use this but were gonna take your revenue…if you ever have any…loser”.

But hey, that’s a good compromise. I mean, you can fight it if you want but I have had a 50% success rate fighting it in the past and at this point i don’t really care anymore. I’m proud of the work i have done editing and stuff to my videos, so these copyright claims don’t really phase me anymore. I have fun doing what i do and if the day ever comes where I make some money off of it, they can take it…even though they will get paid for my hard work and me helping to advertise something that has been dead and buried for close to 40 years…but I’m not bitter or anything.

Really? Over 13 seconds of a song?!?

Anyways, that’s my way of saying that there are some subjects I can’t really talk about on YouTube, that I can here. One of those subjects that I’m really excited to tackle is music.

For awhile now I’ve been planning ways to do some music episodes on YouTube, without getting in trouble. To be honest the things i had planned were gonna suck. I thought of everything from humming the tunes to banging a keyboard (poorly) to try and help enhance the videos. Heck, all i want to do is make videos that are “Top 5 Songs…” and stuff like that. Kinda like i use to do with the “Friday Night Video” posts, and now my buddy Michael at My Comic Relief and Kalie over at Just Dread-Full  have picked up the mantle and done a great job carrying it on.

Now, I’m not one to say “Give me my ball back”, especially after they have taken such a  trivial thing, as when i did it, and made it such an emotional journey of self discovery. Honestly, I hope they do many more posts and bring us many more great songs that sing to their hearts, bodies, and souls.

So that leaves me in the exciting predicament of coming up with another groovy name/theme for a music related series of posts…awesome.

So hopefully soon I’ll have that ready to go.

I also need to figure out what day of the week to do it (and if that factors into the name at all). At the moment I am planning on spacing my videos more evenly throughout the week on the channel, so I’ll pick a day that’s free.

Anyways, I just wanted to touch base. We’ll see if anything else grows from this, but it’s a start. I’ll try my best to update the blog every week with links to the newest videos and any other news and notes that happen.

Until then, thanks for the support!

Keep Being Rad and Stay Dorky







  1. Great post. I took a break last year from blogging to recover from surgery. I returned blogging in January and I’m getting back into it slowly. It takes time. Also, like you I have renewed my focus on what I want to write about, that’s a hard thing to do, and I think you idea of doing posts about music and items you can’t cover easily on YouTube is a great idea. Will look forward to seeing how it all develops.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Rob,

    Haven’t commented on your work in a while as I have been on and off too. It is good to see you having success with your YouTube channel, but that must be really annoying about trying to get around the copyright laws. I hope you can find a way to convey the impact that music has had on you. That is what I try to do on my music blog (when I can find the time). Word Press has been a good place to share music on, but if you’re a vlogger you obviously need YouTube. Hope you can continue to find success.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YAY!!! I’m excited to see the blog reborn alongside the YouTube channel. Anything that gets us more of your musings across mediums makes me happy :). And, as far as I’m concerned, you should totally take “Friday Night Videos” back! I mean we borrowed it from you AND it’s not so much you taking the ball back anyway as it is you, Kalie, and I bouncing it back and forth between us. So if you’d like to drop some F.N.V. action in with your new music posts, I’d love to see it (and we’ll keep writing ours when the random urge hits us too, I promise)! It’s more fun if we all play together, anyway. I always did my best to do my version of your nostalgic/memoir vibe when I wrote them anyway so I’d be excited to see the master return!

    Anyway, in whatever form your musical musings take, I’m just super excited to see you bloggin’ and YouTubin’ and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Woo!

    Liked by 1 person

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