Welcome to My Side of the Laundry Room. I’m a 43 year old husband and father…and a Dork. As with most hobbies, when priorities shift and you get older, they get put on the back burner. Mine has taken over one side of our laundry room. It’s my sanctum sanctorum, my bat cave, and my place of Zen.

This blog use to be a place for me to share my thoughts on the dorky past of pop and nerd culture, to explore the present of the dork world, and to chronicle my children’s journey into the more acceptable dork future. Everything from Star Wars to Donald Duck, Marvel to DC, RPG’s to Movies, and EVERYTHING in between. My origins begin in the late 70’s with comic books and extend to today with anything dorky I can consume.

Now my main focus is the My Side of the Laundry Room YouTube channel. The channel offers the same great nostalgic content that I use to write about, just now in video form. Please check out the channel at My Side of the Laundry Room

If ya ever wanna contact me, drop me an email at mysideofthelaundryroom@gmail.com

Or visit me at Twitter and Instagram at  @MySideLaundryRm

You can also pick up T-Shirts, Posters, and other Merch at my TeePublic Store.



  1. Kind of an accidental visitor, I collect toy robots over the yrs, ran across one on eBay..had to find out about those mysterious ROBOFORCE. Thanks for posting your website- now I learned a little more.

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