sentiMENTAL – 80s Summer Vacation Memories

Howdy folks! I’m heading out to vacation so things might be quiet around here for a couple of weeks. While getting ready to hit the road my mind drifts back to vacations of my youth. So in this episode of sentiMENTAL I take a moment to remember those times and the items from pop culture that fused themselves to these moments.

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Issue 13 – California Raisins & He-Man Books

In this issue I take a look at some of my California Raisin toys from the 80s and flip through the pages of some He-Man children’s books I had from back in the day.

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Two G.I. Joe IT CAME FROMs For The Price Of One

To celebrate my Birthday and to commemorate being apart of the Cobra Convergence III this year I did two back-to-back IT CAME FROM episode that are 100% G.I. Joe awesomeness. Continue reading “Two G.I. Joe IT CAME FROMs For The Price Of One”