To help celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month (March), I along with some of WordPress’s best bloggers are teaming up to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite fearless females from movies, comics, television, and beyond.

This time we dive into the world of Horror as Kalie from Just Dread Full shares with us the strengths and fearlessness of Dani from the movie Midsommar. Continue reading “DANI FROM MIDSOMMAR — FICTION’S FEARLESS FEMALES”

Hunting On Ebay For Toys I Wish I Had As A Kid – #3

In this episode I hang out at the virtual mall known as Ebay and browse some selections of toys i wish i had as a kid. This episode is the follow-up to Toys I Wish I Had – part 6

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80s Horror Movie Memories

In this episode of sentiMENTAL, I reminisce about some of my earliest horror movie memories from the 1980s. of course after the camera was shut-off, I remembered more. Guess I’ll save them for next time.

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Hunting On Ebay For Vintage Halloween

This episode is a bit self indulgent… I always used to love looking on eBay for vintage Halloween items. I never bought any, but just spending time looking at them always made me happy. It’s been a few years since I have done it and I thought it would do my heart good to spend some time looking again.

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Best 80s Dungeons & Dragons Monster Toys

Here is the first episode of the Halloween season. In this episode I go over my favorite Dungeons and Dragons monster toys made by LJN in the 80s.

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