Vlog 03 (A Day Off, Thanks, Walmart Toy Hunting)

Had a day off work today so I could do some school activities with my kids. I drove around town and talk with you wonderful people. I also stop by Walmart’s toy aisles to see if there’s anything new.

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Vlog #2 (Halloween, Disenchantment, and Disney+)

In my second vlog from the road, I discuss the Halloween season, Disenchantment on Netflix, and some new info about Disney+

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Wow, what another great month from ZANINI BOX (zaninibox.com)! On top of a great G.I. Joe pin this month, they included some of the best Horror Icons EVER…just in time for Halloween. Continue reading “HORROR ICONS, NINJAS, AND THUNDERCATS – October’s ZANINI BOX Unboxing”

Did This 80s Cartoon Exist, Or Am I Going CRAZY?!?

Have you ever remembered something from your youth only to question your memories when you can’t find any proof that it existed online? In this episode I research a show I remember from the 80s and i invite you all along to see if i know what i’m talking about or if i have gone completely insane.

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G.I. Joe Super Summer Special Episode

In this very special summer edition of IT CAME FROM… My Side of the Laundry Room, I devote the entire show to G.I. Joe. We look at two different styles of action figures and a collection of cards. Yo Joe

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