Fist Full Of Joes – G.I. Joe Figure Review (It Came From…#56)

In this episode of It Came From…My Side of the Laundry Room, I reach in to one of my many boxes of G.I. Joe figures and come out with a fist full of awesomeness and review the figures, 5 in total. Continue reading “Fist Full Of Joes – G.I. Joe Figure Review (It Came From…#56)”

5 Fearless Cartoon Females of the 80s

To help celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month (March), I along with some of WordPress’s best bloggers are teaming up to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite fearless females from movies, comics, television, and beyond.

For my contribution to this celebration I chose the subject of 80s cartoons (Shocker!!). Before I begin let me say that there are dozens of fearless, headstrong, and strong female characters in the world of 80s cartoons. Last year for Fiction’s Fearless Females celebration I did a video for Scarlett, G.I. Joe’s counter intelligence operative and first female character. Scarlett is a very popular character in the world of 80s cartoons, so this time i wanted to talk about some great characters that are lost to time (kinda). Continue reading “5 Fearless Cartoon Females of the 80s”

90s Action Figures – Unboxing and Review

In this episode I open up some action figures from the 90s. Had these in storage for a long time but after talking 90s cartoons recently, I thought it would be a good time to play with them. Continue reading “90s Action Figures – Unboxing and Review”

Nightcrawler (Marvel Legends) Unboxing & Review – Viewer Gift

In this episode I open and review a great action figure, Marvel Legend’s Nightcrawler. This was generously donated by viewer Jason S. Continue reading “Nightcrawler (Marvel Legends) Unboxing & Review – Viewer Gift”

Cobra Commander Gameplay – Toy Soldiers: War Chest

In this episode I play two levels of the Cobra Commander DLC for the video game Toy Soldiers: War Chest.

Continue reading “Cobra Commander Gameplay – Toy Soldiers: War Chest”

Vlog #17 – G.I. Joe, Gremlins, & Toy Collecting Woes

n this Vlog I talk about the awesome new G.I. Joe figures coming out this summer and the toy collecting woes that coming along with it. Also I discuss the new Gremlins series coming to HBO Max.

Continue reading “Vlog #17 – G.I. Joe, Gremlins, & Toy Collecting Woes”

Weird, Rare, & Awesome Masters of the Universe Products (Part 2)

In this episode i take another look at weird, rare, and awesome products from the world of 80s cartoons and toys. This time i travel back to the world of He-Man and look at some Masters of the Universe products.

Continue reading “Weird, Rare, & Awesome Masters of the Universe Products (Part 2)”