Cobra Commander Gameplay – Toy Soldiers: War Chest

In this episode I play two levels of the Cobra Commander DLC for the video game Toy Soldiers: War Chest.

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To help celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month (March), I along with some of WordPress’s best bloggers are teaming up to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite fearless females from movies, comics, television, and beyond.

To kick off the celebration, Michael over at My Comic Relief  discusses how the 13th Doctor, portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, uses an almost manic and all-consuming love, hope, and joy in all of creation to become one of fiction’s fearless females.


Vlog #17 – G.I. Joe, Gremlins, & Toy Collecting Woes

n this Vlog I talk about the awesome new G.I. Joe figures coming out this summer and the toy collecting woes that coming along with it. Also I discuss the new Gremlins series coming to HBO Max.

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They Had This At My Kid’s Book Fair?!? (It Came From…#53)

I was so surprised that they had these two books at my daughter’s Elementary School Scholastic Book Fair. Man, times are a changing!

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Weird, Rare, & Awesome Masters of the Universe Products (Part 2)

In this episode i take another look at weird, rare, and awesome products from the world of 80s cartoons and toys. This time i travel back to the world of He-Man and look at some Masters of the Universe products.

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The Dover Demon & Fatal Fluffies – Monster Preservation & Research Society

In the second episode of Monster Preservation & Research Society, I talk about the Dover Demon from Dover, Massachusetts and the Fatal Fluffies from the 80s cartoon G.I. Joe.

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Toonsday – Tunesday

This week’s theme is animated music videos.

They range in styles and mediums, just like the music itself. The importance of music videos in the 1980s is often taken for granted. With freedom to create “shorts” in many different styles, music videos helped the flow of art and creativity for many people making the videos and watching them. Anyway, on to the videos….

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Vlog #16 – Stranger Things 4, Locke & Key, and Thanks

In this Vlog from the road I talk about the new Stranger Things trailer, Locke and Key, and The October Faction…all on Netflix. I also give a BIG thank you to all you great viewers.

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