The Best “Big Wheels” of the 80s

One of the biggest things I never had as a kid was a Big Wheel bicycle. To most they were a childhood staple, but sadly they were something I always longed to have. In this episode I (as an adult) look at some of the coolest designs of “Big Wheels” from the 1980s.


ABCs of the 80s (A) – Airwolf, Asteroids, Alpine

Here is the “Pilot” episode of a new show I’ve been thinking about. Each episode I will cover three items from the 80s in a handy little encyclopedia like entry.

This episode features the letter “A” and covers the TV show Airwolf, the arcade classic Asteroids, and the G.I. Joe character Alpine. Don’t look for the alphabet to appear in a linear fashion. The next episode could be the letter “T” or the letter “F”. Who knows? That’s half the fun.