Toonsday – Tunesday

This week’s theme is animated music videos.

They range in styles and mediums, just like the music itself. The importance of music videos in the 1980s is often taken for granted. With freedom to create “shorts” in many different styles, music videos helped the flow of art and creativity for many people making the videos and watching them. Anyway, on to the videos….

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Best G.I. Joe Figure Accessories – 1990

In this episode I take a look at the best and most awesome accessories that came with G.I. Joe figures in 1990.

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G.I. Joe Gameplay – Toy Soldiers: War Chest

In this episode of Good Games for Bad Gamers, I play two levels of the G.I. Joe DLC for the video game Toy Soldiers: War Chest.

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80s Cartoons and The Curse of 13

Sorry folks! It’s been a crazy week so far and I haven’t had the time to devote to the blog. Anyways, here is Monday’s episode….

In this episode I talk about how some of the best cartoons of the 80s met an early demise and how all of them only had 13 episodes.

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Loveland Frogman & Astral Moat Monster – Monster Preservation & Research Society

In this first episode of Monster Preservation & Research Society, I talk about the Loveland Frogman from Loveland, Ohio and the Astral Moat Monster from the 80s cartoon Thundercats.

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G.I. Joe & Mutants of Avalon RPG (It Came From…#51)

In this episode of IT CAME FROM…MY SIDE OF THE LAUNDRY ROOM, I grab a Fist Full of Joe’s and take a look at the next book in the TMNT RPG series, Mutants of Avalon.

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