Issue #11 – Transformers & Star Wars Magazines

In this issue I take a look at some old STARLOG MAGAZINES that feature STAR WARS and I take another trip to Cybertron and look at some of the recent toys.



sentiMENTAL – HEADMAN And The War On Drugs

Originally released on my Birthday, here is my contribution to this year’s COBRA CONVERGENCE.

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Two G.I. Joe IT CAME FROMs For The Price Of One

To celebrate my Birthday and to commemorate being apart of the Cobra Convergence III this year I did two back-to-back IT CAME FROM episode that are 100% G.I. Joe awesomeness. Continue reading “Two G.I. Joe IT CAME FROMs For The Price Of One”

sentiMENTAL – 5 Best ColecoVision Games of 1983

This week I’m getting sentiMENTAL about the COLECOVISION again. This time I go back to 1983 and briefly talk about the crash -or- ATARI SHOCK as some have called it and I talk about my 5 favorite games for the system.

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In this episode of LIVE we travel to Eternia to look at some of the BEST Heroic Warriors in the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE toy line.

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Cobra Convergence III

I am honored to announce that I have been invited to participate in this year’s Cobra Convergence event. This is the third year that Hooded Cobra Commander 788  has put on the event and each year it gets bigger and better. Continue reading “Cobra Convergence III”