2 Year Anniversary – Best Of The 80s

Disc Jockey Casey Kasem always used to say “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars” when he would sign off of the American Top 40. I loved to listen to his broadcasts, not just for the music but for his overpowering sense of positivity. To me Continue reading “2 Year Anniversary – Best Of The 80s”

Year One – March 2016

Interesting fact, March 2016 has the highest number of post by me than any other month. That seems odd to me considering it was only my second month posting, but to be fair it Continue reading “Year One – March 2016”

A Look Back At My Neighborhood Arcade, BLAZING FLIPPERS

I watched the Adam Sandler movie Pixels last weekend on cable. I’ve read enough negative reviews to know that the vocal majority hated this movie, but I watched it anyway. I have Continue reading “A Look Back At My Neighborhood Arcade, BLAZING FLIPPERS”