Nightcrawler: Collectibles, Comics, & History

In this episode of IT CAME FROM… MY SIDE OF THE LAUNDRY ROOM, I talk about and show some pieces of my collection of one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, the X-Men’s NIGHTCRAWLER.

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Donald Duck Collectibles & New Stuff

In this episode I take a look at some other Donald Duck items in my collection -and- I “show off’ some new additions to my side of the laundry room.

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Fiction’s Fearless Females – Wonder Woman

To help celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month (March), I along with some of WordPress’s best bloggers are teaming up to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite fearless females from movies, comics, television, and beyond.

This week’s entry is from the very amazing and talented artist and writer Kathleen from Graphic Novelty².  Kathleen and Nancy (you can read Nancy’s entry on Captain Janeway from Star Trek HERE) have an incredible site where they review great graphic novel, YA books, and contemporary novels. Swing by and give it a browse.

For her entry into “Fiction’s Fearless Females”, Kathleen chose a woman that most would view as the pinnacle of womanly strength, heroics, and empowerment, Wonder Woman.

This in-depth and wonderful post is something everyone who is a fan of comic book history, American history, women’s empowerment, or personal growth should read.

Fiction’s Fearless Females – Wonder Woman



10 Favorite DC Comic Characters

After a week away due to illnesses in the family, Thanksgiving, and sacrificing money to the deities of consumerism, we’re back with a new episode. In this episode we dive into the deep-end of the DC Comics pool and discuss our top 10 favorite characters. Our choices run the gamut and a few might surprise you.


Issue #26 – Donald Duck & Snarf Quest

In this issue of IT CAME FROM… MY SIDE OF THE LAUNDRY ROOM I open a box with one of my most prized Donald Duck collectibles -and- I take a walk down memory lane while flipping through the pages of a piece of Dungeons & Dragons comic book history.

I hope you enjoy!!