Vlog #2 (Halloween, Disenchantment, and Disney+)

In my second vlog from the road, I discuss the Halloween season, Disenchantment on Netflix, and some new info about Disney+

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Vlog #1 (Dark Crystal, Carnival Row, & Disney+)

In my first “offical” Vlog, I talk about the Dark Crystal show, Carnival Row, and some awesome additions to Disney+. I hope you enjoy…at least a little bit.

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Issue #31 – Jabba the Hutt & Rescue Rangers

In this Issue of IT CAME FROM… My Side of the Laundry Room I show-off a really great Jabba the Hutt figure from the Star Wars Black Series that was donated by a fan -and- I open and play with some original Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Ranger Happy Meal toys from 1989.

Issue #26 – Donald Duck & Snarf Quest

In this issue of IT CAME FROM… MY SIDE OF THE LAUNDRY ROOM I open a box with one of my most prized Donald Duck collectibles -and- I take a walk down memory lane while flipping through the pages of a piece of Dungeons & Dragons comic book history.

I hope you enjoy!!