Issue #14 – Donald Duck & G.I. Joe

In this week’s episode of IT CAME FROM….My Side of the Laundry Room I take a look at some of my Donald Duck collection and I grab another FIST FULL OF JOES.

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Stay Tuned For Disney Magic

Hello Laundry Roommates, I had hoped to come out of the gate running today with news, notes, and adventurous tales of the magic I found at Walt Disney World. Sadly my Continue reading “Stay Tuned For Disney Magic”

MF5 – 5 Things I’m Excited For At Disney World

By the time you are reading this we will be on the third day of our Disney World trip. Today we are at Hollywood Studios and I hope immersed in enough Toy Story, Star Wars, and Disney Junior stuff to choke a cat. Full discloser, I’m writing this before we Continue reading “MF5 – 5 Things I’m Excited For At Disney World”

Disney’s DUCK TALES New Poster w/ First Look At Launchpad.

Finally we have a clearer picture of when Disney’s Duck Tales will be returning to the air waves. Summer of 2017. I ALWAYS look forward to the summer, but now I can’t contain Continue reading “Disney’s DUCK TALES New Poster w/ First Look At Launchpad.”