Birthday Gift Blowout 2019

In this episode I take a look at the birthday gifts i was blessed with from my family (and myself, lol). I also got a new camera. Please bear with me as I learn a new piece of tech and experience some growing pains. Thank you!!

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Issue #27 – Truckin’ Turtles & Dorky Xmas Ornaments

In this issue of IT CAME FROM… MY SIDE OF THE LAUNDRY ROOM I get into the Christmas spirit by busting out some of my favorite dorky Christmas tree ornaments -and- I take a look at one of the weirdest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Other Strangeness books that was ever published…┬ácan you say “Tiny Ninja Shriner Cars”?

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5 Toys I Wish I Had As A Kid – part 1

For anyone who is a fan of My Side of the Laundry Room this weeks sentiMENTAL might seem familiar. For a while now I have been writing about all the toys and games I wish I would’ve had as a kid. Most of the stories I share reflect my ups and downs in childhood and sometimes are good for a laugh. Continue reading “5 Toys I Wish I Had As A Kid – part 1”

New Banner Art!!

Halloween has come and gone and now I’m left feeling a tad bit melancholy about it. Of course I’ve already expressed the highs and lows of my Halloween season, so no need to dig there any deeper. Continue reading “New Banner Art!!”