Death Eater Wand & Japanese Cryptozoology Book (IT CAME FROM…#7)

In this weeks IT CAME FROM…My Side of the Laundry Room I takeĀ a look at one of my most personally valuable treasures, a Death Eater wand from the World of Harry Potter AND an awesome cryptozoology book from Japan. Continue reading “Death Eater Wand & Japanese Cryptozoology Book (IT CAME FROM…#7)”

Kasa-obake – Monster Preservation & Research Society

Name: Kasa-obake

From: Japanese Folklore

Classification: A haunted or monstrousĀ umbrella known to be either helpful or deadly. Continue reading “Kasa-obake – Monster Preservation & Research Society”

Awesome FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Live-Action Movie Teaser Trailer.

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of those anime’s that I never religiously watched, but when I did tune in I enjoyed every second of it. The show was so well done that even a casual Continue reading “Awesome FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Live-Action Movie Teaser Trailer.”