Monstrous Monday – Fatal Fluffies

Name: Fatal Fluffies

From: G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Classification: An adorable creature with a deadly, secret split-personality. Continue reading “Monstrous Monday – Fatal Fluffies”


Monstrous Monday – Demogorgon

Name: Demogorgon

From: Dungeons and Dragons

Classification: The villainous and vile self-proclaimed Prince of Demons. Continue reading “Monstrous Monday – Demogorgon”

Monstrous Monday – Top 5 Real Ghostbusters Ghosts

Name: The Real Ghostbusters

From: ABC Television Network (1986-1992)

Classification: The continuing adventures of the Ghostbusters, only now animated. Continue reading “Monstrous Monday – Top 5 Real Ghostbusters Ghosts”