Loveland Frogman & Astral Moat Monster – Monster Preservation & Research Society

In this first episode of Monster Preservation & Research Society, I talk about the Loveland Frogman from Loveland, Ohio and the Astral Moat Monster from the 80s cartoon Thundercats.

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Vlog #15 – Monsters, Russians, & Migraines

In this vlog, I’m at home editing the intro to the new monster show. This vlogs a little late due to a migraine on the way home from work, but better late than never. Continue reading “Vlog #15 – Monsters, Russians, & Migraines”

Best 80s Dungeons & Dragons Monster Toys

Here is the first episode of the Halloween season. In this episode I go over my favorite Dungeons and Dragons monster toys made by LJN in the 80s.

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