Vlog #16 – Stranger Things 4, Locke & Key, and Thanks

In this Vlog from the road I talk about the new Stranger Things trailer, Locke and Key, and The October Faction…all on Netflix. I also give a BIG thank you to all you great viewers.

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Vlog #1 – Dark Crystal, Carnival Row, & Disney+

In my first “offical” Vlog, I talk about the Dark Crystal show, Carnival Row, and some awesome additions to Disney+. I hope you enjoy…at least a little bit.

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Issue # 25 – Review of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina & G.I. Joe Figures

In this episode of IT CAME FROM… MY SIDE OF THE LAUNDRY ROOM I give a quick review on Netflix’s CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA -and- grab another FIST FULL OF JOES. Continue reading “Issue # 25 – Review of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina & G.I. Joe Figures”

Issue #18 – Disenchantment Quick Review & Mickey Mouse Comic Book

In this episode I give a (spoiler-free) Quick Review on the new Netflix show, Disenchantment and I thumb through the pages of a Mickey Mouse comic book from 1980.

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Altered Carbon – Quick Review

Good morning Laundry Roommates!! I recently finished watching Netflix’s new series Altered Carbon and I did a Quick Review about what I thought. There are no spoilers in the review and I hope it excites people to want to see what I thought was a great show. Continue reading “Altered Carbon – Quick Review”

The Best of the Week (2/9/18)

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80s Cartoons That Should Be Movies

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