Monstrous Monday – Owlbear

Name: Owlbear

From: Dungeons and Dragons (1974)

Classification: A beast that has traits of an owl and a bear for a deadly combination. Continue reading “Monstrous Monday – Owlbear”


Year One – November 2016

November started out kinda slow with a couple of trailer, a bit of news, and a pre-Thanksgiving thank you to one and all that share My Side Of The Laundry Room with me. Continue reading “Year One – November 2016”

Year One – October 2016

I kicked off October with something very un-Halloween, Rob Liefield. Well I guess it’s kinda Halloweenie because all of his characters look like horror versions of the human Continue reading “Year One – October 2016”

The Brief But Magical Life Of Dungeons & Dragons Toys – Part One.

In 1974, a dark scourge was unleashed upon an unsuspecting planet known simply as Earth, but the darkness took on the guise of an even simpler name, D&D. As the years Continue reading “The Brief But Magical Life Of Dungeons & Dragons Toys – Part One.”

My 5 Favorite Dark Futures & Wastelands

After November 8th, its been hard for me to think of the future as a bright and shiny place. The fear stems from trusting foreign relations to a man who can’t even communicate

Continue reading “My 5 Favorite Dark Futures & Wastelands”