G.I. Joe & Mutants of Avalon RPG (It Came From…#51)

In this episode of IT CAME FROM…MY SIDE OF THE LAUNDRY ROOM, I grab a Fist Full of Joe’s and take a look at the next book in the TMNT RPG series, Mutants of Avalon.

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Die Cast Car Collection & The Robotech RPG

In this episode I take a look at some old (60s, 70s, & 80s) diecast cars from my childhood and i flip through the pages of the classic Robotech Role Playing Game.

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Tales From The Gaming Table – Stories of Heroes, Villains, & Characters

Long ago during a time of high adventure, I traveled the country side, slinging dice and I brought life to characters that lived on a piece of paper. In this episode i talk about some of those characters and some of the adventures they took part in.

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40 WTF Dungeons & Dragons Monsters – Part 1

In this episode I start a massive list of crazy, weird, and dare I say stupid monsters that appeared in the 1st edition of Dungeons and Dragons through out the 70s and 80s. This episode covers numbers 40 to 21.

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Issue #27 – Truckin’ Turtles & Dorky Xmas Ornaments

In this issue of IT CAME FROM… MY SIDE OF THE LAUNDRY ROOM I get into the Christmas spirit by busting out some of my favorite dorky Christmas tree ornaments -and- I take a look at one of the weirdest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Other Strangeness books that was ever published… can you say “Tiny Ninja Shriner Cars”?

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