5 Forgotten Sci-Fi Toys Of The ’80s

A couple of weeks ago I brought you a list of Forgotten Fantasy Toy Lines of the ’80s. Now, I summit for your approval a list of Forgotten Sci-Fi Toy Lines of the ’80s. The difference Continue reading “5 Forgotten Sci-Fi Toys Of The ’80s”

BLADE RUNNER 2049, Announcement Trailer.

Today Warner Bros. has given us our first look at the sequel for Blade Runner. Simply titled Blade Runner 2049, the movie takes places 30 years later and it looks like we find the Continue reading “BLADE RUNNER 2049, Announcement Trailer.”

Awesome FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Live-Action Movie Teaser Trailer.

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of those anime’s that I never religiously watched, but when I did tune in I enjoyed every second of it. The show was so well done that even a casual Continue reading “Awesome FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Live-Action Movie Teaser Trailer.”

My 5 Favorite Dark Futures & Wastelands

After November 8th, its been hard for me to think of the future as a bright and shiny place. The fear stems from trusting foreign relations to a man who can’t even communicate

Continue reading “My 5 Favorite Dark Futures & Wastelands”

First Trailer For GHOST IN THE SHELL Is So Creepy Cool. (w/ Update)

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about Ghost in the Shell. I remembering loving it when I saw the anime over 20 years ago. I also played some of the PlayStation games, and I read Continue reading “First Trailer For GHOST IN THE SHELL Is So Creepy Cool. (w/ Update)”