Best Villain Vehicles From 80s Cartoons (Based On Animals)

In this very, very quick video I go over 6 awesome villain vehicles from 80s cartoons…that are based on animals. This is all based on looks as i skip over any backstories or history.

NOTE: I’m not happy with how this video turned out. I was playing around with a new lighting set-up and my distance to the camera. I’m also bummed that I sped through the episode and it is so short. My apologizes.

10 Best Silverhawks Action Figures

SilverHawks was a great cartoon for fueling the imaginations of 80s Kids. It featured a galactic police force whose bodies were coated in metal and equipped with cybernetic enhancements that allowed them to fly and shoot lasers. One of the best parts of the Continue reading “10 Best Silverhawks Action Figures”