Fiction’s Fearless Females – Captain Kathryn Janeway

To help celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8) and Women’s History Month (March), I along with some of WordPress’s best bloggers are teaming up to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite fearless females from movies, comics, television, and beyond.

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sentiMENTAL – 5 Best ColecoVision Games of 1984

1984 was the last year that the ColecoVision was on the market and it was the best year in terms of innovative games that set the system apart from all of the others on store shelves.

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LIVE – (insert clickbait Star Wars title here)

Star Wars fandom is becoming a toxic cesspool that is eating itself alive. There are a few islands of serenity perched upon the vile waters, but mostly it’s the putrid undulating ocean of filth that gets all the attention, not the small tranquil plots of positivity. Continue reading “LIVE – (insert clickbait Star Wars title here)”