Disappointing Toys Of The ’80s

In this controversial follow-up to our “Toys We Loved” video, we discuss some of the toys of the ’80s that didn’t live up to the hype. There’s some big names on the list. Check it ou Continue reading “Disappointing Toys Of The ’80s”

Growing Up With Disney

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to the twelfth episode of My Side of the Laundry Room: LIVE. In this weeks episode we discuss how deep our loveĀ for Disney goes. Our story begins in Continue reading “Growing Up With Disney”

Here Come The Littles…

It seems I bare my soul quite a bit while blogging about the past. I have admitted that I have Furry tendencies (but not in THAT way), that I was bullied for being a comic book dork, that I was a D&D fanatic since I was a child, and I have a fear of a creature called the Goatman. So now I get to reveal something else that might be viewed as odd even for a Continue reading “Here Come The Littles…”